8TH MARCH 2017
DEMO BEGIN: 16:30 WARSCHAUER STR. CORNER REVALER STR.(Demo will pass through Skalitzer Strasse and end in Oranienplatz)

All Power to the Women* **
Calling for the International Women*s Struggle demo, on 8 of March 2017,
16:30 Warschauer Str. corner Revaler Str. - 18:00 Oranienplatz

We rebel against the system!
We struggle and organize our work and our lives.
We defend ourselves against the exploitation of our bodies.
We mobilize for social and political justice.
As we always did!

We will not be instrumentalized to legitimize state and social racism. This Silvester we witnessed how in the heart of Europe, at the Cologne Cathedral, an apartheid system was created - under the pretext of protecting women*. We fight against this manipulation and we will not be played against our sisters* and brothers*.

We against every form of oppression of the patriarchal system, that inflicts exploitation, poverty, war, flight, and violence. We join hands in solidarity and we struggle together.

Capitalism relies on the economic dependence of women* and their unpaid, unfree and unrecognized labor. No matter how wretched work opportunities - legal or illegalized - are, women* always get the worse conditions. There is no liberation for women* in this system. White supremacy enriches itself through racism and class privilege. Our feminism is about justice on gender, race and class!

We organize against the exploitation of the capitalist and imperialist system, whose bloody profits aim to silence us, and call for PROTEST.

Women* in war, on the run and on escape routes, are exposed to additional attacks as women*. In the camps, prisons, authorities and courts, women must cope with sexual violence from police and state powers. Rape is used as a weapon of war and as a means of torture. Women* fight everywhere, they fight in the smallest political unit of the family, they fight in the organized resistance.

We organize against sexist violence, whether it is exercised by an exploitative capitalist society or by dictatorial regimes.

A woman*’s body is abducted, enslaved, sold, exploited, and colonized. We are urgently calling for the end of femicides and hate crimes against Trans*women.

Worldwide women* resist. Our rage and our collective resistance, our dreams and our hopes strengthen our international women*'s struggle.

Let’s go out to the streets on the 8th of March, the International Day of Women*'s Struggle, and protest together!
(facebook event for the demo)

** When we write women* we mean:WLTI* WomenLesbianTrans*Inter*

ORGANIZERS: Ezidischer FrauenRat Berlin
Frauenrat Dest Dan
International Women’s Space Berlin
Interkulturelles Frauenzentrum S.U.S.I.
Frauen aus Rojhilat
Sozialistischer Frauenbund Berlin - SKB
JXK - Studierende Frauen aus Kurdistan
FrauenRat der PYD Berlin (Rojava-Frauen)
FrauenRat der HDK Berlin-Brandenburg
Lara e.V.
Ni una menos Berlin
Czarny Protest
Bündnis gegen Rassismus
Stop Deportation Group
Women in Exile & Friends
Generation ADEFRA


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